Two Months Already!!

Happy New Year !! How wonderful it is to be into a new year and so soon. It seems like life has been in a full ahead charge since Mitch and I got married in October. It's been two months already can you believe it? We've settled into life in our little apartment quite well although the never dying issue of "which drawer do the utensils go in" is still a sore spot for us both! But we're keeping our tempers cooled by the frosty 60 degrees that our house is currently holding. It saves money and gives Mitch and I a little extra cuddling time, if only for warmths sake.Mitch and I start school again this Monday and we're both a little nervous. He'll settle right back into the old game, putting his nose to the grindstone and acing all of his classes of course. I'm a little more apprehensive on my ability to handle classes, a full time job and being a homemaker. Mitch has been especially helpful these past two weeks with cleaning and cooking. He's quite the chef and it makes life a little easier for me. Thanks to all who helped with the wedding and supported Mitch and I as we started our new life together. If you'd like to see our Wedding Album go to

Much love,
Mitch and Mands