Picture Tag

I thought this was a fun idea for a TAG! Thanks Aunt Kim.

Do I even have to say it? OK "Tag, you're it"

1. Go to the photo folder in your computer
2. Go to the 6th folder of photos.
3. Go to the sixth picture.
4. Put the picture on your blog and description of it.
5. Invite six friends to join the challenge.

This is me and Sarah Walton, a room mate from my second year at Snow College. We were on a double date with Mitchell and his room mate Daniel Wallingford. This picture was taken at the top of a very windy and steep trail up Maple Canyon in Sanpete County, Utah. It was a sheer drop off behind us, but an amazing view. Sarah is leaning against this metal rod that had been stuck in the rock at the top, I guess you were supposed to hold onto it and look over the edge, but we were happy with just standing by the pole!

They Are Asking What is New?

1.Mitch and I finally got our Camry fixed. For those of you who don't know, about 3 months ago we were on our way to church. We were getting onto an on ramp but as Mitch excellerated the engine made a weird "chunk" sound and we started to loose some power. We pulled off( accidentally turning the wrong way on a one way street, thankfully there were no cars) and we drove home very slowly. Well come to find out one of our cylinder heads had cracked and we needed a whole new engine. So here we are three months later with a new engine and I finally have my car back!! We had been driving a little truck, which you can imagine with a baby seat, a stick shift and two adults is a little squished! Thankfully we now have more room. 2.Addie has got a new toy!! I had been looking for a few weeks for a good deal on one of those play saucers, well I got a GREAT deal... FREE!! I was running some errands the other day when I look over on the side of the road and see this super saucer! Well I did a double take and kept driving to my next destination saying to myself,"If it's still there when I come back I'll pick it up." Well it was still there, it just needed a good cleaning and some TLC. A few of the toys were missing but other than that it's in great shape. Addie loves it, she gets to practice standing which she loves to do, and Momma can put her in there while she makes dinner. It's a win win situation I tell ya.

Valentines Day at the Mitchell Domes

With Mitch being done with his exams, which had been comsuming his life for the past two weeks, we decided to go out as a family today and do something out and away from the house. I was exremely grateful for this because I had been feeling liked a couped up mother hen. Several people have told us about the Mitchell Horticultural Conservatory or "The Domes" so called because of their shape. We didn't get a picture because it was pretty cold today and it had snowed two inches last night, I guess the cold Milwaukee weather is back. Well the interior has three domes that have several different plants in them. The first dome we went to is the "Show Dome" this one is a particular interest to the kids because the display is has right now is a Lego village and working trains that choo choo and whistle, miniature size of course. This dome has a variety of flowering plants that are mostly hybrid species for men and women's enjoyment. They had several pink flowers for Valentine's day.

Mitch and I sat in there for awhile enjoying the wonderful smell of all the flowers which was so wonderful!! It made me long for spring and warmer weather. The second dome was the desert dome. It was full of cacti of all kinds, palm trees, and it even came complete with a full moon up above. The domes just received a remodel that included lights that display in patterns at night to music and the moon was central in creating the ambience of this dome, we were told. Although the desert is lovely and it smelled like ST. George Mitch said, I didn't really enjoy that dome as much as the last one we visited.

The last dome was full of tropical plants!! I think this was Mitch's favorite too because he kept reminiscing about Costa Rica and trying to remember the plants that grew there or saying "oh yeah we had this one". Mitch was so enthralled with recalling memories of one plant that he was looking at that he noticed a slug milling through the leaves of it.

It was really cool because most of the time you don't see the slug out of its shell and this one gave us a great view of it's little neck. We saw all kinds of plant life including a banana tree, a cocoa tree, and all those plants that you always hear about but don't really know what they are like Eucalyptus, African Mahogony, pepper plant( that has peppercorns) and the chicle tree that you make gum out of. They also had species of one of my favorite types of flowers Orchids. If I would have had the money I would have liked to have these for my wedding flower, but I loved my calla lillies just the same.

We had a great time at the Mitchell Domes and I hope to go back soon, it's free for Milwaukee residents on Mondays so I think Addie and I will be going quite a lot, it's a nice little reprieve from the snowy cold and the monotony of the four walls of staying at home.Maybe that's because the walls are curved, maybe not!

A Day Out

Milwaukee had a record high of 59 * on Tuesday so I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and get out of the house. It was Addie's first adventure in her stroller and she really seemed to love it. In fact she loved it so much that within the first two blocks she was totally zonked! I suppose that's partially my fault though for taking her during her morning nap time. I think mostly though the stroller bumping and jostling around reminded her of a shopping cart ( which she is notorious for falling asleep in) and so she just felt inclined to doze off in her new mode of transportaion just the same as she would have if we were grocery shopping.

Well Addie got in a nap and I got to enjoy the sunshine of Milwaukee for more than two minutes at a time. The sunshine was accompanied by a very gusty head wind,and therefore it was, in Pooh fashion,a "blustery day". I really enjoyed looking at all the lovely homes in our area and I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture to share. A lot of them are a very similar style but there were some that were unique and very interesting. The brick ones I especially love, I just wish it were either spring when the ivy on them is green and robust or that it were fall when the crawling vines and their leaves turn red. There is one house in particular, a small cottage which is made of grey stone that is especially lovely with the red contrast weaving across its exterior. Alas it's winter and everything is dead still but I can always hope for spring to come early!! Our little walk was temporarily suspended for a visit at the library where I got some books on how to crochet ( which I'm trying to learn how to do )and then we walked home again, this time with a tail wind that was fast enough to blow up even the heaviest of skirts, luckily I'm smart enough to wear pants!

10 Thing I Love about Mitchell

1. I love that he sometimes surprises me by coming home early from school
2. I love that he shaves once a week before church, because he's such a baby face he doesn't have to any other time!
3. I love that he has a little waist but broad shoulders
4. I love that he talks with me the most right before we go to sleep, like he's purging himself of all the things he's wanted to say all day and I just get to listen!
5. I love that he is so frugal, although my shopping addiction sometimes gets in the way of it, he has taught me how to subdue the urge to spend, which has helped a lot
6. I love that he always remembers to have FHE even if I totally space it and it was my turn for the lesson, he always pulls through
7. I love the things he has taught me since we've been married for example, patience, patience and some more patience
8. I love that he is a great example of determination not only for myself but for Addie and all of our future children will see his hard work and perserverance to achieve goals
9. I love how he makes me want to be better by imporving myself while I am at home and not letting me be a slob and a bump on a log.
10. I love how he's sincere in everything he says and does.