I Finally Did It!!

I finally bought a kick wheel so that I can start doing pottery again! Hooray, I'm so excited. Addie loved helping momma make pots and trying out all the tools on the clay to see what they did. Now to let the creative juices start flowing!

7 Month Stats

Wesley had his Check up this week with the regular pediatrician and everything is looking good. He is developmentally right on track, is sitting up, reaching for things, babbling and responding to people around him etc. I was a little disappointed that he hadn't gained any weight since his operation but he is healthy and happy and so I can't complain. The doctor just said he's a little guy which is probably a combo of genetics and the issues he's had with his kidneys. Hopefully with the feeding regime we've got him on he'll start packing on the pounds. The doctor said he's proportionate and still growing on his curve accept for weight, which would only concern her is he hadn't had some issues and if he looked like he was languishing or malnourished which he doesn't so that was good news.

Height: 26 in (25th percentile)
Weight: 11 lbs 14 oz ( 3rd percentile)
Head Circumference: 42 3/4cm ( 25th percentile)

Addie in Translation- Time Management

Momma: "Addie do you need to use the potty?"
Addie: "No mom"
Momma: "Are you sure?"
Addie: "Yes mom, I just use the potty on Saturday." (It's Wednesday)

Momma: "No, we're not having kiddos come play today."
Addie: "Oh, maybe they can come in a little week."

When Addie prays she says "thank you for the Sabbath Day." no matter what day of the week it is.

Welcome to Addie's House

There are so many wonderful things you can do with a box. Addie's house was originally used to store some baby clothes, then it became a tunnel for her to ride her Scooter- bop through, now after some adding some decorations and cutting a door in the side it is Addie's house. The two kiddos played for a good hour in there, with me knocking at the door and playing the big bad wolf "Let me come in!" Addie would follow with the "not by the hair of my chiny-chin -chin" and then laugh and say come in mom, but with a warning to not burn my bum coming down the chimney cause that would leave a big ouie. Wesley mostly just watched Addie but he was content in his watching so it was fun to have him in the house to play too. Welcome to Addie's House!

Valentine's Ladybugs

Grandma and Grandpa Christiansen sent little Addie bug a fun craft to make for valentines day, Love Bugs. Who knew with only a red bowl, some pipe cleaner and felt such a cute creation could fill our home with so much love. Addie helped cut the pipe cleaners, glue on the felt spots and thread the pipe cleaners through the holes to make the legs. Then they got to crawl on our walls during February.

Addie in Translation

Addie: "Will you move mom?"
Mandy: "Where would you like me to move to."
Addie: "Side behind and to the middle."

Addie picked up a book the other day with a picture of Jesus on the cover. I asked if she wanted to tell me a story, so she opened the book and commenced. "Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom, there lived a man named... Jesus."

Whenever we are looking at something, or especially when I am making food and opening a package of some sort Addie often comes in and says "What's in there besides?"

5 Things to do During Winter in Milwaukee

#1- Make sure you eat lots of yummy treats.

#2- Goloshes and Bling are must haves.

#3- Exercise those legs and wish for warmer days and shorts.

#4- Learn to sit like a big boy.

#5- Put on your headband for the cold weather and sport a new do that will unfortunately freeze that way when you go outside.