For those of you who don't know Wesley is having some trouble with his kidneys. He has a condition called hydronephrosis, which is swelling of the kidneys due to a reflux of urine from the bladder. It usually corrects itself as kids mature after birth but with Wesley it hasn't gotten any better and the function of his kidneys was found to be not quite right either. He is going in to have a test done next week on the 18th that might tell us if their is some sort of blockage that is inhibiting the flow of urine etc. If you all could keep him in your prayers it would be greatly appreciated.

Catching up In Pictures

So in a nutshell this has been the last couple of months. Mitch studied for finals, Wesley is starting to hold up his head really well, we went to see the lights in downtown Milwaukee, opened Christmas presents, got a new family picture taken, went to a Jazz Basketball game and Wesley is a little laughing and playing ball of fun.