Wee Willy Wesley

So I've been very inattentive to taking pictures of Wesley and don't have near as many of him as of Addie at this age, but here are a few cutie ones.The first few are on a little walk that we took to the park and the last two were a funny happenstance. I got out my curlers for him to play with and when I came to check on him he had sat on one, and then I couldn't resist putting some more on!

Old World Wisconsin

Me and the kiddos took a little day trip out to Old World Wisconsin. It just happened to be the hottest day during a very mild week, so the kiddos and I were a little tired by the end of the day after walking around to see all the old villages. The kids had fun looking at the animals there and I loved the heritage that I got to learn about. Addie loved playing a game called Graces where you take two sticks, put a hoop around them in your hand, cross the sticks and then pull them apart so the hoop soars into the air. The other player tries to catch the hoop on their two sticks. Wesley just liked hitting his sticks on everything that made a noise.Addie also got to draw on a real slate with a slate pencil at a Norwegian schoolhouse.