In the Army Now

On Monday,March 23rd, Mitch took the oath of office and joined the United States Army. It was actually really thrilling to be there and hear him promise to defend the liberties and rights of America. Mitch and I were talking afterward and we both agreed that what he had pledged to do was right in line with our beliefs and the values that we hold so dear. I'm so proud of Mitch and his accomplishments and joining the Army will only further those I am sure. The Army will not only pay for the next 3 1/2 years of dental school but will also give him training that most dentists do not receive. He has the opportunity to do a type of "residency" in which he can pick a couple specialities to practice such as Pediatric dentistry, which he is really excited about. The Army gives him the opportunity to not only do a year of Pediatrics but also another speciality if he chooses. So in other words he could get a lot more exposure before he starts up his own practice, which is always beneficial.It's an eight year commitment, 4 years of which will be active duty, meaning he'll be attached to a base and will be eligible for deployment. The other 4 years will be in the inactive duty, which means he might be called up if absolutely necessary, but he'll be last on the list so to speak. Addie and I are very proud of Mitch for accepting such a responsibility!! but we know we're along for the ride too!! Saddle up!
Mitch with Lieutenant Colonel Wickman as he repeats the oath

Mitch and his new Army Family, Addie was of course asleep for her Papa's big moment!

Rice a la Adelaide

So about a month ago ( I know, I'm way behind on my blogging, my apologies) I was eating a banana with Addie in my arms. I had one more bite and I just happened to look over at Addie when I was opening my mouth to eat it, she was opening her mouth too! I thought to myself "Why not?" so I put it up to her lips and she started licking at it, that smart little girl! So I let her lick at it for awhile, then I thought "What if I mashed it up?" so I did and she ate the rest of it no problem. After that every time Mitch or I opened our mouths for a drink, or food, she would open her mouth too! The next week after this happened I decided to try some rice with her. I was a little hesitant at first, because I wanted to wait a little bit longer before I started her on solid foods, but I got a little excited and Addie seemed to be interested in the subject of food, so we started on the rice. Addie's Grandma and Grandpa Oliver were kind enough to give us a food mill so we ground up some rice, added some good momma juice, and away we went. She liked the rice, for the most part, it was a new experience to swallow something that wasn't pure liquid! Since then we've moved onto oatmeal which she seems to enjoy a lot better, and she's even had a tiny taste of raspeberry, (which was sour, but she kept licking) and some of momma's peas( which she didn't like at all)but we'll keep trying them another time!