Family Pictures

These are some great family photos that our friend Brooke Hedin took for us during the summer. They all turned out so well, especially Addie who is always a cutie patutie. Thanks Brooke.

Halloween 2009

Halloween this year was a lot of fun. I got to make Addie's first Halloween costume and Mitch and I dressed up too. Addie was a Bug in a rug, Mitch was a Maharajah, and I was a pirate. I found Mitch's costume in a local Goodwill and just happened to have a length of creme colored fabric that he used as the turban. You can't see his shoes in any of the pictures but they had a rounded pointy toe on them. Addie and I went to the Medical College of Wisconsin to do there trick or treat Halloween party that is put on by the spouses association. We were invited by some of our friends and although Addie didn't collect any candy from the rooms that were giving it out, she did have fun walking up and down the halls and she collected a bag of animal crackers and tiny Oreo cookies which she dutifully carried in each hand until we left. Afterward I took her to Hoyt park to take some pictures in the fall leaves in her costume which was a lot of fun.
On Halloween we went to a party hosted by our friends the Larsons. There was a great turnout and some great costumes.It was fun to see everyone take on a different persona in their outfits. When we got home we decided to take some pictures next to our lighted Jack O' Lanterns and while we were out there trying to light the candles some trick or treater rang our neighbors doorbell so we asked if Addie could get her first candy Halloween treat, which she did. Twizzlers are unfortunately a little hard for one year olds to chew so Mitch or I will probably have to eat them.
I have really good memories of Halloweens past. Trunk or Treats in the stake center parking lot, eating sticky glazed doughnuts and drinking hot chocolate, going to the Ritzy houses hoping to get some extra big treats, which were almost never had. I think I actually got pencils once from one of those homes, pencils! of all things. Well Mitch wanted to hand out toothpaste to the kids so I guess pencils will have to pass too. Here in Wisconsin you have to register to trick or treat which is a good idea for safety's sake but I think it's made the holiday here not as big as it could be because it kind of is a hassle to do so and so it discourages people from actually going through with it. If only the world was more trustworthy we could all have a safe and happy and kid friendly Halloween!!