Ruggedy Man

So when we were coming home from the hospital with baby Wesley we were trying to think of nicknames for him and Mitch said how about Ruggedy, so then we would have a Buggedy (Addie) and a Ruggedy(Wesley). Well the name stuck so we have a little ruggedy man around the house now and of course he has to have a theme song so to the tune of spider man we sing "Ruggedy Man, Ruggedy Man. If you can't do it, nobody can. Ruggedy Man,Ruggedy Man." When Addie wants to sing it she asks for the "baby Wesley song". A few other nicknames we use are little fella, little man, duders and buddy. Wesley has started to smile and loves to look at all of our smiling faces and smile back. A cool thing I learned the other day is that babies actually prefer smiling faces not only because they are fun to look at but smiling faces apparently give them a sense of security. I'm sure the babies told the doctors this personally in so many words, but who am I to argue when the Wesley smiles back? If he's happy, he's happy!

This is Halloween, This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween

We loved Halloween this year. Addie actually was a little more attentive to things this year than last, so it was a lot more fun. Our neighbors put up the fake spiders web in a neon green color and every time we went past it she would say, "see the spider web, mom?". She also loved a new story that we read called "Dorrie, and the Weather Box" which she still asks to read by saying when we're reading books, "Where's the witch mom?". One of her favorite things to watch is the Sorcerers Apprentice from Fantasia, starring as she says "Mickey O". So she dressed up as the sorcerers apprentice this year. There is a safe trick or treating event at the Medical College of Wisconsin every year that we were on our way to, but when we got there I turned back and Addie had fallen asleep, so we turned back toward home without going trick or treating, but with my sweet tooth, there was no shortage of candy this Halloween. We also got to go to Mike and Robyn Larson's home for a Halloween party. We enjoyed such fare as zombie skins and witch fingers and played some games. Mitch dressed up as a retro 70's man complete with polyester floods and toupee. Wesley was a little blue bunny and I was, well I was something colorful although it was said that I looked like a flower, a clown, a wood sprite or nymph etc. I'll let you be the judge. Hooray for Halloween!!


Addie and I were playing with some pretties the other day and Addie decided that Wesley needed some pretties too. Although he didn't look to thrilled to have them on after she was done he didn't put up much of a fuss and I was glad she wanted to include him in our fun.