Canning with Mitch

Mitch and I borrowed the stake canning machine last week and decided to do some of our food storage.I had been collecting food stuffs when the prices were good and my cupboards were stocked so full that I didn't have room for anymore. A sister in our ward was moving to Arizona and was getting rid of some unused #10 cans for free!! So I snatched them up and Mitch and I canned for our date night. We did flour, sugar, black beans, rice, quick oats,and potato flakes. We only did about 25 cans in all but I felt so accomplished after we were done. The canning machine was so easy to use, I was thinking it was going to be a big process, but I just prepared everything before Mitch got home and then he helped me with the machine so we could get the lids on as tight as possible(He's the buff one you see.)We had a lot of fun!!