"I'm Bored" Fixes 1. Have a pajama day, make breakfast, watch cartoons etc. 2. Have a treasure hunt "x" marks the spot 3. Grow a garden 4. Hold a family reading competition for the summer or for a week or two, have a prize if goals are accomplished 5. Make a summer to do list and hang where everyone can see it 6. Learn a new skill 7. Create crafts crafts.kaboose.com 8. Sly a kite 9. Knit bandages for leprosy victims leprosybandages.blogspot.com 10. Go to the library 11. Make some frozen treats 12. Grow a sunflower 13. Start a journal 14. Be chef for a day 15. Host an olympics 16. Grow butterflies insectlore.com 17. Make an anything goes lunch 18. Play with bubbles 19. Hold a no electricity day 20. Enjoy fresh fruit 21. Use work books 22. Attend a concert in the park 23. Go fishing 24. Live outside for a day 25. Hold a family science fair 26. Go ice skating 27. Have a cupcake day 28. Start a collection 29. Organize a block party 30. Service 31. Have a garage sale 32. Stargaze 33. Have a photography contest 34. Go on a scavenger hunt 35. Participate in a race 36. Make pinatas 37. River wade 38. Paint 39. Read aloud 40. Attend a festival 41. Have a talent show 42. Make razzle dazzle shirts 43. Go to the zoo 44. Host a game show 45. Go horseback riding 46. Go indoor camping 47. Go to a farmers market 48. Make seashell critters 49. Take a day trip 50. Tell some tales 51. Make salsa 52. Make homemade lemonade 53. Have an archeology dig 54. Volunteer at an animal shelter 55. Attend the county fair 56. Have a theme picnic 57. Play uno 58. Scrapbook 59. Play night games 60. Make a fort 61. Show and tell 62. Create a homemade waterpark