Addie's Specs

Addie had her nine month appointment a couple of weeks ago but I've been a little slow on posting her stuff.

HEIGHT: 28 1/4 IN which puts her in the 75th percentile for height, she's starting to slow down and even off now that she's a little older.

WEIGHT: 16 LBS 13 OZ which means she's in the 23rd percentile for her weight which is also leveling off from her previous appointments. The doctor said it was a little low but that is to be expected now that she is crawling and moving around.

She also got another shot this time around so she wouldn't have to get 4 next visit I decided to break them up a little bit. We also discussed her allergic reaction to what we think is eggs. She'll have to be tested at a year to see if she is still allergic. One of her immunizations is grown on an egg based titer so she'll have to go into Children's to get that shot just in case she has a bad reaction to it. Most kids grow out of egg allergies though and she hasn't shown any signs of being allergic to anything else yet so that's good.

More Addie...

Addie is the only thing I ever write about I know, but everything she does is new and exciting, and everything Mitch & I do is pretty hum drum, so you get Addie. She has been so active lately, crawling, pulling herself up onto things,and lately she has become a little clingy. I think she might be experiencing some 9 month old seperation anxiety. I was warned it might happen, but I though, not my kid! Well I definately got a smack in the face as a wake up call that that "not my kid" cliche is just not true. Addie will be playing just fine by herself, but if I come into the room, or make eye contact, or if someone else is holding her she will start to cry and reach for me, or crawl toward me. She has been crawling towards my legs and grabbing onto my pant legs to stand recently, which kind of hinders my movement because if I move it sets her off balance, so I have to tread lightly, as it were. It's really precious, but also a little annoying too. It's like she's a newborn again and has to constantly be held or touched or within her visual range. She has been doing lots of fun things like going down slides by herself(with papa at the end to catch her of course), playing in a box full of corn kernals and picking rasperries, and generally having a good time inventing games to amuse herself and her parents.


Allergies, Sleep & Bike Rides

We've had a full little week here at the Oliver house. Saturday morning Bug had an allergic reaction to some eggs and broke out in hives. She has also started sleeping on her tummy which is so cute. Every time I put her in her crib for a nap or for bedtime she automatically rolls on to her side and when I come in to get her she has rolled onto her tummy.She has also learned how to pull herself up to standing in her crib so we had to lower it a few weeks ago. She pulls herself up on anything she can and frequently uses Mitch and I as a jungle gym to crawl, stand, crouch, bend and walk all over. We were lucky enough to get a free bike seat for her so she can come on bike rides with Mitchell and I. Here are a few pictures of allergies, sleep and our family rides. Hope you enjoy. To make the insert bigger click on the "scrapblog" link in the bottom right hand corner of the page, then click the green full screen button after the new page opens. SORRY EVERYBODY TRY AGAIN TO SEE THE SCRAPBLOG AND SEE IF IT WORKS NOW. LET ME KNOW AGAIN IF IT DOESN'T. THANKS.

Walking BUG

Addie has been practicing a lot of walking lately. Whether it be holding Mitch and my fingers around the house, pulling herself up onto benches, sofas or anything else that is within reach, or walking in between Mitch and I she is a ball of walking energy. She's become a lot braver of late as well and will let go of our fingers for a few seconds before stopping and turning around to find where our finger went to. She's taken a couple of spills, but she bounces back really fast. She want to be mobile so bad, but she just can't make up her mind whether she wants to do it crawling or standing up, she hasn't mastered either one so far and is very fickle about the whole process in my opinion, but she's learning none the less. Here's a little bit of what she's accomplished over the last week in the walking department. I don't think she'll be able to walk 500 Miles but she'll get there!!

4th of July & Summer Fun

This 4th of July was full of activities. Mitch, Adelaide and I hardly had time to breathe before moving onto the next thing.Saturday morning we got to go watch the Wauwatosa parade down North Avenue with some friends and share a potluck breakfast with them too. Thanks Schows for a wonderful morning. Adelaide really liked the parade, although it was during her naptime, so she was pretty sleepy. I think her favorite part was the small American flag that the Boy Scouts passed out to the crowd, she sure was patriotic waving her little flag.

After the parade we went to the ward BBQ for a few hours. Addie got to put her feet in the swimming pool and we all enjoyed some really good food!!
We all took a little nap before going onto our next adventure up in Cedarburg. The McAffees invited us up to a BBQ and fireworks at their new apartment. The food and company were wonderful!! Addie fell asleep right before the fireworks but the noise woke her up. She was pretty lethargic so she just sat on my lap and watched the fire in the sky, she only jumped once at the finale when there were some big booms. What a trooper, she had a long day, and it didn't help that I kept sticking the camera in her face!

We've got to do a lot of summer activities over the last week too. Mitch had a week off before the 4th so we've been visiting parks,going on walks and playing in the sprinklers.Addie has also been practicing her walking skills with Papa and I, she's nearly got it down. Stay tuned for some video.


So I said that there was crawling in my last post but the video that I put on there didn't show up in the final layout so here is a newer, better and updated version. Addie has been so close to crawling for awhile now, she just has to coordinate her hands with her legs and then her forward locomotion will be underway. Here she is trying her darndest to work it out. Her best motivation to get her moving is little yogurt snacks, she'd move across the house for one of those things if she knew it were there.