Bread Question

Alright all you food gurus out there. I have a question about home made bread. I've only recently gotten over my fear of not being able to bake bread, but so far the storage of the bread has not been to grand. I don't mind my bread being a little hard, but Mitch prefers softer bread for his sandwiches. Does anybody have some recommendations on how to store bread so that it stays "just cooked soft" for longer than a day or two?

Apostle Islands

Mitch got a week off of school before the summer semester started, so we decided to do a little camping up at the very tippy, tip top of Wisconsin at the Apostle Islands. It was a 6.5 hour drive from Milwaukee to Bayfield, WI where we caught a ferry across to camp at Big Bay State park on Madeline island. Madeline island is the biggest island in the archipelago. To keep Buggie from going crazy we stopped in Steven's Point, WI and just happened to find this beautiful park that had streams and bridges, swings, slides, geese, and alpine slides even! unfortunately the alpine slides were closed but we loved walking around the big park and Addie loved following the geese around, she almost walked right into the water after them. It was a great reprieve for some pretty sore tushes.
After some more driving, a lot of songs and a short nap, we arrived at Bayfield to take the ferry. Addie as this point was very excited because we told her that we were going on a boat. She kept saying "boat" "water", "boat". As we crossed we pointed out the waves, seagulls and the island we were going to. After we got off she kept asking for the boat again, which she got a second chance on when we came home obviously. Mitch and I had planned the trip so that we would get there with plenty of time to set up camp. Our last camping trip we left too late and finally got our tent set up, in the dark, at around 9:30, hurriedly cooked dinner in a roaring fire, instead of good coals and so this time we wanted to make sure that we did not have this problem again. We got the camp set up and the logs burned down just in time for a 6:00 o'clock meal of salmon, corn on the cob, and asparagus, Yumm. The best camp meal I've ever made if I do may so so myself.

One of the purposes of going camping was to try out the emergency kit that we have been putting together. It had all of our warm clothes, camping equipment and a few other items that might come in handy if we were trying to live like nomads. I think we decided though that it was just too heavy to lug around (it's in a large rubber made container)plus there is a backpack for each family member that carries their set of clothes etc.
We tried to have a good look around the state park while we were on the island, although it was overcast and pretty cold down by the lake, it was very beautiful. We saw two blue jays, an owl, and two ticks which neither Mitch or I had ever seen so many. Needless to say we were pretty paranoid the rest of the trip about having one. We were the only people in the whole park which was good because Addie had a rough night, I think she kept waking up and didn't know where she was so she'd just cry and cry. Finally at around 3:00am Mitch got up and started a fire and took her out and held her so that she could sleep and be comfortable, and so that I could get some sleep, what a great Papa!! He said is was beautiful to be up that early, he heard the first bird chirp, saw the sunrise and saw some raccoons too.
Although we had reserved the campsite for two days when we woke up Tuesday morning it was starting to sprinkle, which didn't surprise us because the forecast said that is was supposed to have rained on us the night before, so we decided to leave a little early and head down to the Dells to do an indoor water park. The McAffee's had told Mitch that the Wilderness was a good resort to stay at so we went there for a night. We though since Addie likes parks so much that she would love the little kiddie water stuff, but she was more than a little apprehensive after a huge bucket tipped 1000 gallons of water down to the ground before she even got into the water!! After watching the bucket the rest of the morning here fears started to ease a little bit, but as soon as she heard the warning bell, she would find Mitch or I or stare at the bucket from the lazy river where we were floating, almost as if she expected it to dump on top of her even though there was plenty of space between it's cascade and us. The water park did wear her out though, so the ride home was peaceful, as she slept the whole way.

Sorry to say this is the only picture we have to verify that we went camping, like an idiot I deleted the pictures off of the camera before double checking to make sure that they had imported. This was the only casualty of the camping trip, Ducky fell into the fire and got singed. This is him even after a washing, Addie doesn't really play with him anymore. Every time we give him to her she say's "Ducky dirty" and gives him back to us. Luckily she has found a new lovey in her "monkey friend".

More Sleeping Positions

I went in to check on Buggie the other night and once again found her in a cute sleeping position. What a silly kiddo. Sorry the pictures are kind of dark.