5 Little Monkeys

Addie loves to sing songs and she has gotten really good at the actions to a particular favorite of hers that I call 5 Little Monkeys. We learned it while we were visiting for Christmas from Marie, Mitch's sister. It goes like this:

5 little monkeys swinging in the trees (hold up the number on your fingers and swing back and forth)
Teasing Mr. Crocodile, you can't catch me ( hold hand up to ears as if teasing, then wave finger as if to say no you can't)
Here comes Mr. Crocodile, Silent as can be ( put hands together and move in a serpentine pattern, as if a crocodile swimming through the water)

SNAP!!! ( clap your hands together)
Repeat with each number until you get to no more monkeys swinging in the trees.
She can do almost all the actions accept for holding up the number of fingers and especially loves the SNAP!! part. Some times instead of clapping Mitch will grab her on the SNAP part and she giggles and tries to squirm away!

She has also started saying YUCK especially when she sees a garbage can or a potty. She even crinkles up her nose and makes a grimace. The other day we were coloring and she pulled out all of the crayons from the plastic bag, then proceeded to take the plastic bag over to the cupboard, open it the few inches that the cupboard lock allows her to then stuffed her hand and the plastic bag in to the garbage can. She dropped the bag then came back to her coloring as if throwing trash away was a common occurrence for her! Funny kiddo.

She is also starting to recognize some emotions. We've taught her sad and happy in sign language and so if she hears a baby crying in church or something she'll put one finger to her eye ( her sign for cry, Mitch and I use one fist to the eye)and say "sad". For happy she points to her cheeks as if grinning and says "appy". OH our Appy Addie!