Addie In Translation

Back story:Addie and Mitch play a game on his IPOD called Fruit Ninja in which you swipe your fingers or thumbs across the touch screen and slice fruit as it floats up, while trying not to slice the bombs and lose. Addie loves playing this game with Papa.

Addie: "momma, I have little hands."
Mandy: "yes you do have little hands."
Addie : "I have little thumbs." (holding up her thumbs)
Mandy: "Yes you do have little thumbs."
Addie: "Yeah, to play Fruit Ninja."

Appleton and Oshkosh

Mitch had an away rotation in Appleton during the past week, so we went up to spend Friday and Saturday with him. Here is some of our fun.
We visited the Air museum in Oshkosh which was a lot of fun. Addie loved getting into the airplanes and pushing the buttons. She even was patient with momma as I went slowly through all the displays and read things about them. Here is Wes and Addie as pilots.

this was in the Eagle Hanger which was dedicated to World War II. A lot of aeronautical things have the same name as Mitch and this plane is one of them the B-25 Mitchell bomber.

In Appleton we also visited Plamann Park which was fun. They had a kid's farm there with baby animals and also had many trails to hike on.

At our hotel they didn't have a crib for Wesley so we put him in the dresser drawer. Amazingly he only woke up once the whole night! Mitch was also put into the dresser drawer to sleep when he was a baby. You do what you have to do! And it's just to cute.

On one of our hikes we took the bug catchers and went on an "explortation". Addie and Mitch caught a may fly and a mosquito. It was fun to go on an adventure, and when your family are your exploration companions it's always a grand trip!

A Bit of Fun

We made pinatas for Cinco De Mayo playgroup and Wesley got a little too friendly with the paper mache.He was sitting on the table and went to reach for some paper and he nose dived into a puddle of it and when I picked him up this is what his hair looked like.Who needs hair gel when you have paper mache?

We pulled our grill out for the first time this summer and we made cookie smores, which Addie loved. Well she actually ate the marshmallow out of the center and left the cookie on the counter.

Addie has been doing a lot of projects at this counter top lately. She's a chef and a gardener!

Mr. & His Sister

We went for a walk to the library and on the way back both kiddos fell asleep, and oh how precious they are! I sure love these two and what good friends I hope they will be!

The Famous Waters

The weather has been nice enough lately to venture out on walks and one of Addie's favorite places to go is to see what she calls "The Famous Waters" I'm not quite sure where she got this name but it's catchy just the same and quite fitting as well for the waters are often found to be a neon green color. Who knows why, not I said the fly. So the famous waters are just a few blocks from our house in a ritzy neighborhood. We like to walk there and look at all the grand houses of stone and brick. Addie also likes the famous waters because we play "pooh sticks" or pooh dandelions whichever is most convenient. For those of you who don't know what pooh sticks is every player has a stick and they drop it into a moving stream to see which stick will win. Oh we love the famous waters!
Here we are on a clear day at the Famous Waters.

And... here's a not so clean day, the neon green is a little eery isn't it?

This isn't the famous waters, obviously, but spring has sprung and these Magnolia Trees are just beautiful and they have them all over here so we had to get a picture on one of our walks with the flowers and Wes was a good sport letting momma hold him up to get a picture.

Addie In Translation- A Cyst

While trying to get Addie to put on her pajamas her and Mitch had a conversation/role play that went something like this.

Papa: "ok, let's play like we're being really kind and share the shirt with each other."
Addie: "ok"
Papa: " No, no I insist you take the shirt."
Addie: "no you have the shirt papa"
Papa: "No,no I insist you have the shirt."
Addie "no,no you have the shirt."
Papa: "Addie say 'no, no I insist'"
Addie: "No, no I'm a cyst."
At this point Mitch and I chuckle.Then Addie says.

"Now let's play like we're angry and I'll pull the shirt away from you Papa."