Catching up, Caldwell, Crawling, Candles, Cuts, Crafts and Camping

I've really been neglecting this thing but with good reason we've been really busy. Addie and I took a trip to Idaho for a few weeks to see Elder Christiansen and the fam before he left to South Dakota for his mission.Mitch celebrated his 25th birthday, Addie is on the verge of breaking through the crawling barrier, and we went camping for a few days up in Door County, Wisconsin which was a bunch of fun!! Instead of drawling on and on about what we've been up to I decided to tell it in pictures, cause lets face it, that's what people look at when they check out blogs anyway, right? of course right.Here we go. Addie and I walking on the "sand dunes" on the east side of the Wisconsin Peninsula. Kind of pitiful sand dunes compared to the ones in Bruneau, Idaho. Mitch, Addie and I at the top of a 75 foot look out tower at sunset on Lake Michigan. Addie putting her feet in Lake Michigan. Papa and Addie. Mitch and Addie climbing the look out tower Mitch, Addie and I in front of the lookout tower after a long hike to get there. Addie walking with Papa on fathers day. Papa makes her happy!! Mitch enjoying a good stroll with Addie on Fathers Day/His birthday too! Momma and Addie outside practicing standing. Bubbles! and more bubbles! Tristan, Addie and Uncle Colby at the Discovery Center in Boise. Kim and Bug playing with a puppy. Long Hair. Short Hair. Addie taking a nap with Grandma Christiansen Addie eating her first shaved ice from the sno shack!! Tear. Grandpa Christiansen reading a story to Addie about manners. Addie playing in her hippopotomus swimming pool. Addie wearing a billy bob mullet, or would it be a fullet on her? Addie wearing my old All Star Marching Band Hat Uncle Colby with Addie A Rag quilt I made for a friends baby shower A binki clip I made for a friends baby shower A few burp cloths I made for a friends baby shower