Playing Catch Up

So Mitch had about 3 weeks off during the summer in between summer and fall semesters at Marquette. He had a lot of fun playing with Addie and spending time with us and also some visitors from home, his dad and brother. They came out for a couple of days to visit with us and while they were here we got to see some sights of Wisconsin, The Miller Brewery, which isn't the most worthwhile place we could have taken them, but it was interesting to see how the brew is made and learn the history of the brewery which was started back in the late 1800's by a Friedrich Miller. The saying of the day was "Miller Time" and we had the occasion to see the production line, packaging lines, storage facilities, boiling and fermentation, and the "Historic Caves" where they used to store the beer underground with ice from a nearby lake. We also visited the Miller Inn where all the other guests on the tour sampled some of their varieties. When we told the waitress and the tour guide that none of us four adults were having any, they gave us some weird looks, and the tour guide said that that was a first for her, someone refusing the free booze.
The second place we got to visit with the Grandpa Oliver and Mike were the Boerner Botanical Gardens. It was a pretty chilly and overcast day when we went but it was fun to walk around and see the flowers that were blooming. The rose garden I thought left a little something to be desired, but all the other flowers and plants were pretty and some were very interesting. There was a big butterfly sculpture that we put Addie on and she loved it, she grabbed right onto those antanae and went for a ride. Grandpa and Mike were a little camera shy the whole time but we were able to get a few good ones in, I especially loved Grandpa's funny faces in the rose garden, which are about all the pictures we got out of him. We loved having them visit us and hope we can have more visitors soon!!