It's a Baby GIRL!! and we're so excited to have her in our budding family! Mitch and I got to go in for our 20 week ultrasound and luckily she cooperated and was not camera shy at all. Right now our little girl weighs 12 oz. almost a pound and continues to grow. All of her pieces and parts are normal and growing like they should and her mom is growing too. Our little girl is in The Breech position in this ultrasound, you can see her little bum sticking out there on the right and then her little legs are straight out above her head. What a little contortionist huh? Mitch and I are still deciding on a name, but we've started to call her little Ruthie, although I don't know if it will stick. Ruth Anne Oliver has a nice ring, but we're still giving it some thought.

Congratulations B.J. and Heather

Just wanted to throw out a congrats to my big brother and my soon to be sister-in- law. I'm so excited to have another girlie in the family and Heather is a great one, especially for my brother. I'm so excited for you two and Mitch and I hope to see you soon when we fly out for your wedding. Love you tons!!