Addie In Translation: Knock and Ye Shall Receive

I showed Addie a picture of Del Parson's "Jesus at the Door" to Addie and asked, "Who is in this picture?"

Addie: "That's Jesus."
Mama: "What is he doing?"
Addie: "He's knocking on the door to see if Heavenly Father will answer."

Addie In Translation

I was going through some papers and found these little things I written down that Addie had said. This was back in October of 2010.

Mandy: " Are you a baby, huh? is that why you want to be held all the time?"
Addie: " No, I'm a sister, I'm a girl."

Papa: " where do Grandma and Grandpa live Addie?"
Addie: "in Utah."
Mama: " That's right, where does Addie live?"
Addie: "Um, I'm lived in heaven."

Addie In Translastion: Tooting Potatoes

I was nuking a potato for Mitch and while in the microwave it let out some steam and made a PHHHT sound.
Addie said, "Papa, did you toot?"
Mitch said "no it was the potato."

Later as we were sitting at the table Momma tooted.

Mandy said," Excuse me for tooting."
Addie said, "That wasn't you, that was the potato."

4th of July

We had a lot of fun at our last Wauwatosa 4th of July Parade. Addie and Papa sat over on the street so they had prime candy territory. She was joined by her friend Esther and they had a great time dancing around. This parade has been a Milwaukee tradition for the past 3 years and it's been a great one. The last picture is of some of our Milwaukee friends whom we watch the parade with every year. Thanks to Brad and Meghan Schow and Lance and Chemene Jacobson for always allowing us to camp out and watch the parade on their lawn!

Devils's Lake

We went with our friends the Browns to Devil's Lake during the week that Mitch had off for 4th of July. They brought their rock climbing equipment so we got to give it a try. Addie especially loved her little climb and swinging on the rope. This was supposed to be an easier climb but once you got to the overhang there were no hand holds and it was really tough. Mitch and Wesley just relaxed while we climbed, which didn't bug Mitch because he just wanted to sit down anyway.
The second day we went to the lake but we didn't get any pictures. Addie went in a canoe, caught minnows, built sand castles and didn't want to leave when it was time to go. We had a lot of fun!