Addie in Translation: Preferences

Lately I've been reading to the kids as night while they lay in bed. I do this not only to calm them down by a soothing, familiar voice, but because exposure to literature and words is, I think important, and also because it gives mommy time to relax too, I know selfish right. lately I've been switching between "Anne of Green Gables" and "Matilda" but on Sunday this week I decided to read the Gospel Principles manual instead. I sat down and started to read about the eternal and omnipotent nature of God and Addie says:

Addie: " Let's read Anne."
Mandy: " Well I thought we'd read about Heavenly Father tonight."
Addie: " I don't like to read Heavenly Father."

Perhaps my literary choices should have started with the gospel and then ended with Anne girl.