Addie in Translation: Preferences

Lately I've been reading to the kids as night while they lay in bed. I do this not only to calm them down by a soothing, familiar voice, but because exposure to literature and words is, I think important, and also because it gives mommy time to relax too, I know selfish right. lately I've been switching between "Anne of Green Gables" and "Matilda" but on Sunday this week I decided to read the Gospel Principles manual instead. I sat down and started to read about the eternal and omnipotent nature of God and Addie says:

Addie: " Let's read Anne."
Mandy: " Well I thought we'd read about Heavenly Father tonight."
Addie: " I don't like to read Heavenly Father."

Perhaps my literary choices should have started with the gospel and then ended with Anne girl.


JoshandMegs said...

:) Ah yes, sometimes kids say things that would sound not so good coming out of our mouths, and yet pretty adorable when it comes out of theirs ;)
We read the Book of Mormon Stories with Abigail, and we have found it to be great since there are at least pictures to keep her entertained. She gets pretty excited about reading it. I too think we need to emphasize literature with our children!!