Pregnancy Update

Mitch, Adelaide and I are into the final 5 weeks of pregnancy and are beggining to count down to instead of up to the due date. At our last doctors visit Adelaide was still growing really well and my tummy measured the way that it should although I hadn't gained any weight since the last visit, my doctor thinks it's because I'm so active at work. I'm measuring a little over 34 centimeters which is about 13 inches and after this week I'm over the preterm hump and the prenatal team can pretty much guarantee a healthy baby girl after that. I've started feeling some Braxton Hicks contractions which are a little bit more uncomfortable than I expected them to be but I guess I wasn't expecting a bed of roses either. Mitch and I are still on the hunt for a crib. My coworker said that her friend has one that she's been trying to get rid of because she can't have any more kids, so it's a one kid used crib that we might get for free, which would be awesome, but were still holding our breaths on that one. Other than that we're all still doing fine and dandy. Mitch and I can actually feel Adelaide through my tummy now, accept we can't figure out if we're touching her little rump or the top of her head but it's cool to feel her so close anyway.