A Day Out

Milwaukee had a record high of 59 * on Tuesday so I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and get out of the house. It was Addie's first adventure in her stroller and she really seemed to love it. In fact she loved it so much that within the first two blocks she was totally zonked! I suppose that's partially my fault though for taking her during her morning nap time. I think mostly though the stroller bumping and jostling around reminded her of a shopping cart ( which she is notorious for falling asleep in) and so she just felt inclined to doze off in her new mode of transportaion just the same as she would have if we were grocery shopping.

Well Addie got in a nap and I got to enjoy the sunshine of Milwaukee for more than two minutes at a time. The sunshine was accompanied by a very gusty head wind,and therefore it was, in Pooh fashion,a "blustery day". I really enjoyed looking at all the lovely homes in our area and I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture to share. A lot of them are a very similar style but there were some that were unique and very interesting. The brick ones I especially love, I just wish it were either spring when the ivy on them is green and robust or that it were fall when the crawling vines and their leaves turn red. There is one house in particular, a small cottage which is made of grey stone that is especially lovely with the red contrast weaving across its exterior. Alas it's winter and everything is dead still but I can always hope for spring to come early!! Our little walk was temporarily suspended for a visit at the library where I got some books on how to crochet ( which I'm trying to learn how to do )and then we walked home again, this time with a tail wind that was fast enough to blow up even the heaviest of skirts, luckily I'm smart enough to wear pants!


Necia and Joe Shumway said...

she looks so cute all bundled up in her stroller :) I love it!

Rebecca and Ryan Withers said...

Lucky for you guys!! Its snowing here in utah..... blah. blah.blah. Have fun in the sun for all of us here, freezinf in the snow!!!