Jelly Belly Factory

Wisconsin is lucky enough to have a gourmet jelly bean factory!! Ok.. so jelly beans aren't my favorite but it was a lot of fun to go with some other Mom's and take our kids to see the short little tour. It Really isn't a factory per se just a shipping building and candy store. The tour was mostly videos depicting the way they make the Jelly Bellies and some history behind the family owned business. My favorite part was the testing table where you could test out all the flavors!! They don't just make Jelly Bellies either, they make fruit snacks, chocolates, and candy corn... Who knew? Well I tried some flavors that were shall we say interesting? "Baby Wipe" flavor being the most enjoyable while still tasting inedible. They had pencil shavings, vomit and black pepper, which I was not brave enough to try. I'm surprised no one has come up with a "SNOZBERRY" flavor yet. Addie seemed to enjoy herself although she had no idea what was going on, she loved to eat her Jelly Belly hat which was probably her favorite part of the whole experience. I wonder if they make their hats taste like banana flavor and that's why she liked it so much!! Just Kidding.