Thanksgiving Point

On our many travels this summer we got to do some pretty fun things. After staying two weeks in central Utah the kids and I made our way north toward Idaho and we bid farewell to Mitch as he drove first to Colorado Springs, then on to San Antonio and Fort Sam Houston.We made a few stops along the way to Caldwell and Thanksgiving Point was our first. The greatest part is we got in for FREE, yes that's right, all of you Milwaukeeans, your Discovery World pass will get you into the Dinosaur exhibit!! Ok, so the kids had a blast and it broke up the drive a little bit. They have all sorts of interactive things for the kiddos to do including, a small cave to climb into, dinosaurs to play with, wings to unfold and flap about like a giant insect, a water table where you can bury your dinosaurs, flood them out of existence or just get messy,they also have a dino dig where the kids dug up prehistoric bones. Addie and Wesley are starting to be really good friends and they played really well together as we walked through the museum, well they ran around like wild children, but they were having fun, and they didn't steal any bones from the dinosaurs, so it was totally ok with me.