Easter Weekend

We had lots of fun over Easter. Mitch got Thursday through Monday off because Marquette is a Catholic/Jesuit school so we had him the whole weekend which was wonderful. Thursday and Friday were great weather so we got out as much as we could into the sunshine, we rode our bikes down to Jacobus Park and played there for a long time which Addie loved of course. When we got back we worked on some garden stuff and hid some eggs around our house while Addie was still outside. We were really talking up eggs before she came in the house so that she would maybe get the idea of hunting for eggs. Addie actually has a fascination with eggs, because I use them to cook, and Mitch and I eat them, but she can't eat them or touch them when I'm cooking so, I think she has an "I want what I can't have" dilemma going on.
Well it didn't take her long at all after we let her loose to realize she was on a mission to find eggs, and not ordinary plain white eggs like momma uses but colored eggs that had candy inside. Once she found the last egg she cracked it open and proceeded to try to open the chocolate eggs inside. Mitch and I just let her work at it for a bit, and eventually she got the wrapper off, in tiny pieces.
On Saturday it was rainy which put a damper on putting Buggie in her cute, white Easter dress for pictures outside and at the bigger Easter Egg Hunt, but I've reconciled myself to taking pictures when more flowers come up. Addie like looking for the eggs again and putting them in her basket, but she did not want to get near the Easter Bunny at all. She has the same issue with Santa at Christmas, hopefully she gets over her holiday character phobia soon.
Sunday morning Addie woke up at 5:30 which made it a little hard for me to occupy her while Mitch slept in. The Easter Bunny had come the night before so she couldn't go into the front room, so she was confined to her room and the kitchen until 7:00 when Mitch woke up. Besides the Easter Bunny gifts she got some books and new church shoes from Mitch and I, a cute pink tutu and crown from Grandma and Grandpa Christiansen, and some new plates and a bowl from Aunt Heather, Uncle B.J. and Cousin Tristan.
We've really enjoyed reading her all the books, and she has loved the recorder, the tutu, the "Elmo" plate which is the one she requests every time we eat and the watering can which she uses to help momma water our little plants.
Our Easter weekend was put over the edge by listening to conference and by sharing some time with friends over an Easter meal. Our family was definitely fed both in body and spirit.


Matt and Christy said...

What a fun update. I am glad you got the opportunity to get out and about together and discover all the neat things Chicago and Milwaukee have to offer!