Getting Bigger All the Time

A couple of weeks ago I went to visit the doctor and my weight had not increased from my previous appointment. She was a little concerned which made me a little concerned, which made Mitch a little concerned, but on my last visit on Monday all was well and there was really nothing to worry about after all. I might not be gaining a lot of weight but Adelaide continues to grow stronger and healthier. My uterus is measuring at 29 and 1/2 cm which is exactly where it should be for me being 29 weeks along. Each week should add another centimeter to my belly as she continues to grow and gain weight more rapidly. Her kicks are getting stronger and I can feel her turn in my tummy which is always a cool feeling. She had a really steady rythm going the other night which I'd never felt before, Mitch and I thought she might have the hiccups but maybe she was just keeping time. She's been keeping us up all night too. There are two major blood passageways down your back, the vena cava and the aeorta, and with all the pressure from the baby it's best for pregnant women not to sleep on their backs so that oxyginated blood can get to the baby as well as to the mother. Well I tend to sleep on my back and so every once and awhile I'll wake up freaking out that I'm on my back again and I've got Mitch doing it now too. He woke up last night and kept saying Mandy you're on your back again you have to sleep on your side, roll over. She's got us both worried that she's not getting enough oxygen and so we both get no sleep because we're both worry warts. The only problem with sleeping on my side is that my hips start hurting!! There's no way to win !!


The Bigger Family said...

Oh my goodness Mandy; I feel like I am reading about myself! ha. All I hear is how I am too small blah blah blah, but the doctor says all is well, Abigail is still healthy, and not to listen to crazy women, ha.
If I sleep on my sides, my hips kill!! I can sleep on my left side better then my right thankfully, but I am constantly rolling over on my back (not on purpose)and Josh is always on the alert and rolling me back over thankfully, ha.
You look great girl! I can't believe how fast it goes; we have less then 8 weeks and it just keeps going faster!

Necia and Joe Shumway said...

Oh my you are looking so cute and prego!!! I am happy for you!!