Wisconsin State Fair

After a few weeks of the weather being muggy and hot the air finally started to cool off and people are already saying that fall is coming and it's not even mid August yet. Compared to Utah though it is a lot cooler. Mitch and I decided to make the most of the cool weather so we got up early on Friday morning and went to the Wisconsin State Fair. The fairgrounds are only minutes away from our new house so it was a quick trip both ways. It was still really cool when we went and most of the things we saw were in the shade of a stadium. The fair didn't seem nearly as neat as it did when we were younger but we both had a really good time walking around and looking at all the crafts, animals, and things for sale. There were several barns with animals in them but not nearly as many as they have at the Western Idaho Fair it seemed like. I really missed seeing the Alpacas that Idaho usually has. They had rabbits, chickens, turkeys, cows, pigs and horses. Mitch and I even got to see them judge a breed of horse called Percherons, a type of draft horse used for heavy labor and towing. They were really beautiful. Mitch got friendly with some chicks in another barn and I had to put my foot down then. You can see him here with one of his girlfriends, he's so suave. The only thing we didn't get to do was have a famous Wisconsin Cream Puff. They make such a big deal out of these things that they even send them to the Brewers Baseball team at their away games so they can have a taste of the fair. OH Well, maybe next year we can share one with Adelaide at her first fair.